It is often noted that the Wine Greek of Bianco vine does not bear well outside the restricted area of White and this almost certainly for the very special climatic conditions.

The soil is fine white clay that during hot summers retains enough moisture just enough to allow the vine to produce grapes and vineyards are fanned by sea breezes almost incessant.

Furthermore, the centuries-old experience of farmers bianchesi has led to the development of methods of cultivation and, in particular crops, which are unique in Calabria.

The bunch of grapes Greek of Bianco is long, loose, can reach a maximum length of 60 cm.

The berries are small and rounded, well-developed seeds, and then, with little flesh and thin skin. The farming system is the most widely used bilateral horizontal cordon.

The Tralci arrive up to 7 meters in length and are adorned with five-lobed leaves, shiny at the top and almost tomentose at the bottom, typical of these screws. Other farming system, now practiced only on old vines, is the tree. The variety has an average yield of fresh grapes of about 100 q / ha. The uba before juice is dried in greenhouses, on racks.

Varietal 100% of Wine Greek of Bianco, serving temperature 12 ° -14 ° C.

The Wine Greek of Bianco can not be put on the market before 13 months after the harvest.


Particular of Grape Plant

Detail of greenhouses where it is dried grapes

Particular of Grape Vines