The Greek Wine of Bianco made from grapes in the Greek area around the town of White balnerare comes from the homonymous grape and comes from Greece.

It is assumed, in fact, that in the eighth century BC, some small group of settlers, immigrants loads of hope and nostalgia, the transplanted on this earth, whose perfume mingled with that of the sea not far away, and the colors of the landscape, remembered those of the native abandoned.

Can be considered one of the most precious and rare Italian wines, dessert, sweet achieved by a few well-defined vineyards in the province of Reggio Calabria. Most valuable result of a particularly gentle winemaking technology.

The Greek of Bianco has a yellow to golden amber hues with any and a strong smell, very persistent, large, floral, slightly aromatic, with delicate notes of orange blossom, honey, citrus fruit, dried figs and candied fruit;

a lovely taste-sweet, warm, soft, pretty balanced aftertaste with perfectly balanced, full of well-structured. Minimum alcohol content of 14 ° C and an obligatory aging period of 13 months the last two months in barriques.


Cheese, cakes, pastries products with complex ingredients such as jams, dried fruit, candied fruit, spices, pasta unleavened and compact, among them the so-called "biscuits" and biscuits.

Serving temperature 12 ° - 14 ° C.